Nearly Five Hours of Step-By-Step Video Instruction

Many people want to build an online income stream, but most of the time they are held back by the money that they have to spend to set up a marketing system. Buying a domain name, the recurring costs of webhosting, and for many people, the expense of finding someone to get them started with a website or online storefront quickly adds up to more than they can afford.

A second roadblock to success is, ironically, information overload! There is so much information out there that often the newcomer is overloaded and quickly becomes confused and disillusioned. He may even eventually give up his dream of being financially independent without ever having gotten it off the ground.

For those who do take the plunge and try to "make it" online, one of the first and biggest hurdles to overcome is getting an online presence. You've probably heard lots about free sites - Blogger, Yahoo and WordPress to name a few. A Google search on "free websites" turns up nearly 37,800,000 hits! Dozens of video courses provide step-by-step instructions for these popular options, but what about other choices ?

This video course will show you how to create your own website on a free webpage creation site that "allows users to create password-protected pages", "upgrade file size limits", and "is compatible with Safari and Google Chrome" as well as Internet Explorer and Firefox.
"In December 2008 XXXXX reached 1 million users." Wiki-pedia

What is this site ?
Find out in Video 7 !

This video set will show you how to ..

Discover several different free powerful online traffic generation methods.

Learn about a URL-shortening service that can simplify your URL's "image".

Learn where you can find images to enhance your website.

Learn about audio and video creation.

and much more!

26 step-by-step, information-filled videos that will show you:

01. Overview of the system
02. Select your niche and keyword research
03. Setup your Clickbank affiliate account
04. Research for effective article writing
05. Setup your Clickbank affiliate link
06. Setup Account
07. Setup Free Website
08. Setup Free Website (con't)
09. Effective Social Bookmarking
10. More Social Bookmarking Websites
11. Blog and Ping Marketing
12. Submitting Articles
13. Submitting Articles (con't)
14. Setting Up a Squidoo Lens
15. Setting Up a HubPages Page
16. Writing an Effective Press Release
17. Writing an Effective Press Release (con't)
18. Best Places and Methods to Submit a Press Release Online
19. - Find Free Royalty Free Pictures
20. - Editing Pictures with Free Software
21. - Record Audio with Free Software
22. - Final Steps in Creating Video
23. - Submitting Video Online
24. - More Places to Submit Your Online video
25. Blog Post Marketing
26. New Ideas for Implementing This Campaign

and 4 Bonus videos:

27. How to effectively use for niche research
28. How to uncover the best keywords to go after
29. More amazingly simple yet powerful keyword research methods
30. How to use a special magazine to uncover more hot niche markets